After Model Beams

I know I need discipline for aches,
the Temple is such as it is.
The wants so petty that I cannot judge,
when looking at a mirror close.

I need a spot to soak,
somewhere cloven and warm.
Sacrificing a space to ensure a light,
may work towards less sharks.

The Force is awoken at times,
it comes into me from Sun.
I am joining pieces that coincide,
like what you have forgotten.

The Jedai` torch roams in me,
I just need to let go of hands.
To think I could sit and study,
just be breathing in goals.

You want to live life fully,
have money for tricks and trunks.
I seek the lessening of doing harms,
spend time working advice.

I want money to make it,
not just spend on holidays.
I wish I could reveal an answer,
to time spent alone not too harsh.

I want a place for reason,
in subtlety I am a shame.
I must strain against the lazy,
and know a system that helps.

Food and Water must search me,
Sitting and running and climb.
I am one of many who reveal,
such dimes in tin that hold.

I just want a box full of words,
less wishes for lust and admire.
On there I am just a speck,
they play on and get drunk all life.

I want to know how to cause,
remodelling wishes from oars.
To sit and face as an agent,
I must work on my story for hours.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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