Plasma, the Powerful Light

Here on Planet Earth, strange evaluations are made. Apparently according to some people there is a state of matter called ‘Plasma’.

I spent a night a few years ago getting very stoned and learning about Plasma till dawn. I had a stoner brain wave and drew some diagrams. I have now quit weed for 2 years but the idea’s remain.

So somehow I realised that by pressure and electron flow matter becomes eventually Plasma. If you get a Solid and heat it, it becomes Liquid, then heat it, Gas, then heat it, Plasma. Essentially Plasma is ‘light’. The Sun is plasma, lightening, lasers and plasma is present throughout the universe as the most prominent matter.

So considering Magnetism plasma is highly magnetic. I considered this Earth. Why does gravity exist? Just Mass alone? I brought the idea that electrons creating magnetism may very well help this mass have Gravity. Perhaps I thought if matter is changing state towards the center of this Earth from Pressure it could change through all four states to the center. Most scientists say the center is solid compressed Iron Ore. I disagree. For Seismic testing has proven it cannot pass through the core. Seismic  testing passes through solids or can but not Plasma.

So due to immense pressure and heat and thanks to tree’s and water creating electron flow towards the center of Earth we have a change of state of matter flowing to the core. At the core I suggest is not a solid but Plasma and this Plasma is highly magnetised and helps create the gravity we know on earth which for a small planet is very strong. Here is a diagram I badly made to show what I suggest.

awaken elephant - cockatoo bandwidth spaceships - 1-Gravity-On-Earth

Now I doubt this is even a new idea and that no scientists have ever thought of this but why isn’t it a popular theory? Why hasn’t it become mainstream?

Due to my realisations I also became interested in using plasma as a power source instead of Nuclear Energy and fusion. I realised that due to the magnetic properties of plasma it could be used to generate electricity from small amounts of matter.Perhaps even causing some kind of perpetual energy to some degree where generators power the very source of themselves and excess flows to the mainframe.

Here is a simple diagram showing a basic idea.

awaken elephant - cockatoo bandwidth spaceships - 1-Plasma-generator

Now to elaborate we can show a more detailed version.

awaken elephant - cockatoo bandwidth spaceships - Answer

Naturally as a Star Wars fan I am interested in Plasma for a useful tool called a ‘sabre’. It is not actually just a laser as laser’s have no end point. It is a concentrated Plasma Flame. These are not really weapons in principle. They are cutting tools for on the field which could cut through metal, rock, wood, and are portable. Naturally at this stage the size would be half a room to build one.

Here is an idea in principle for a beta sabre.

awaken elephant - cockatoo bandwidth spaceships - 1-SABER-01

Well think about plasma as a powerful source for many operations. The Ion Engine after all can propel astronauts many Kilometers already. For nuclear fusion and all its waste products becomes a non viable solution where a Plasma Generator can take the place powering a town easily from a small amount of large machines. It is safer, longer lasting, and potentially self reliant in order to create energy from small amounts of fuel. Is this a solution for the next 100 years?



Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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