Godness Gracious Me?


This cigarette needs a platform, like a cross that needs ending. The rabbit can style a dig forward without it and so can I. Imagine books filled with thoughts, heard of them yet? The latest fad to read the tales of someone years ago is ending with people writing eyes of now. You can see yourself like a closing box just wasting your story. Look back on reality in its fast car driving away.

Sexually you are a monsterous sperm just flabber. What male can take their dick seriously next to a giant fish. You wish don’t you that you had something to offer a woman. You probably even think they fancy you. Let us face reality and it is harsher than you realise. You have become old and no one wants to even know how you got there. Luckily for you and me we know you have talent. Its proven beyond your petty friends that you can present a work better alone with 2 fingers than a whole group of drunks.

So pal, my enemy is you. The man. The one who wants me to slave under sweat and blood so they can survive it. This reason alone makes me want to throw away this puff. The dragon may very well be alive in China just waiting to birth once more. You didn’t get her killed or her partner, it was too late to reconcile the karma. You didn’t know that they survived it and hid for millions of seconds. The oar and steeple continue. The unicorn is deep in the forest. Yes love dies and evil kills. Though the failing is you not believing. The failure is the easy led strokes, like those that trust friends to keep secrets.

Easy now. To write more than me wont save you. You must listen hard. To evolve to safety is going to take one decision. It is so easy you cannot believe. It is purely to do with consumption. Diet of the body is the crux.  I am not just a pretty face. I am two and three and more that wanted out. We are out of the karma and pain and don’t suffer. Some say a weaker choice, I disagree. We want more to join us on our plane but so few can fly to our door. The earth and its food are so easy to seek, the money and power of knowing you can buy me. No one has ever bought a place here where I am. To find the door to my throne room is not the front or back. There are no stairs to my palace and no you cannot come back. You see to evolve completely is to give your life away. To become only one in the wind.

I ask you now sir, what is your wish. I know what you want and thats fine. She went into the nothing when you asked. I brought her back alive. She stalks you somehow like a wisp. I believe she is too kind for your mind. She cares about those disbelievers. She has no desire for her blindness. You have never met her though she looks the part. Don’t think her hair is the church you seek. You must realise (T) you wont know her till you yourself change. You are the problem in reality for yourself.

Forget trying to find that soul. No matter where you go she wont be there. The karma you have is aloneness. For your wishes take years to complete. Moons ago the reason you thought back in 2001 was to be saved in a home from the rain. Now seated in plausible comforts you call her name. Forget her even though her image stays. That is no love you feel but only a picture. Just place your hands on your head and think now to yourself if you can do it alone. Can you be the thread on a coat that can be found in 100 moon months.

Take a short view of hands. They pleasure when they could bite. The snake is yours if you sought it, you never have. Thats why I love you (T) the most and always have. You are the push up on a day of death. You somehow rise out of the deep creatures. The hatred you know is the thrusting ignorance of capitalists in disguise. The superficial art of the flatulence, I kid you not. Yes you laugh too, we all do, as the artists say nothing at all. Though even as you never will reach it, you know it can be done. Forget the points in objects. Forget machinery. Have nothing at all but a thing or two that can make time free.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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