Cavernous Echo

Pointed head away from the udders and curtains laid out like clickety click click on my dot. Potted cactus grew bigger than even a wish through sickness and pain. You gotta start early, real early for worms. That morning sickness and holding her hair back was never compassionate. Dicks and their owners are probably snoring next door.

So you assume to the winds the reality of a paper weight. Some design to measure your height. Input is input and you will copy it. Naturally that is what everyone expects from a graduation.

The floods are better kept secret. No Noah can waddle away now. The melting and the boiling just to make our forks. Eat up you overweight managers we can not hear you control us. The bus was easy on the eyes with blonds and sure she lives near enough. My outfit may have wanted her to see it. I have a key and I will sell it.

So jumble jumble and step on. Tiredness is hard so start early. Get busy at an hour past. Passed out you are no good. You can beat and bleat like any goat. The moats will keep you away from the treasures. The black lagoon is easy to canoe. Though I know you do not have a real clue.

Yeah light up I agree but you know damn well that nothing will save you from a month of hell. I will be honest with your heart son, to get what you want will take years.

Now thoughts are thoughts and what can you do, you have them you lose them its true. So think never more for the oar that propels may drape a cork upon your easy life. A wife is a standard for the average slow down to bricks and sticks and dicks. You gotta rap not trap and confine a design that allows a divine mind.

Yeah man, what you want is simple, so get it good. You can have a book. You can have what ever you want now you worked on the goods. A steeple comes if you let go, just know the now and let it come to your brow. Atheists will never decide why they do not believe in more than a door to the workers pocket.

First things first you need to realise the sky. When did you last see it?

Ok relax jack you done it. Give the egg back to me. You see it ain’t easy to spool down to fishes without getting a cleaner dish. You gotta forget about mountains. It is not about taking anything past deaths. Climb slow and look for a cave. Get in and stay in for doves.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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