A Girl and Me

What a great girl I found
hidden in the world far away.
Makes you realise people are not all just shit.
For me though I am free
and no need to start a fire,
she does make me think of how I want to be ready
for a girl that has some kind of magic.
I am just here alone as usual.
I have time and hands and I am still.
I don’t feel embarrassed or stupid
just writing down who I am.
Thing is all I ever want is love,
its all I ever wanted.
I am in no rush at all to find it
I just want to work on me now.
I need to push myself a little
to work on what I think matters.
If I want a girl that suits me
I better be someone thats special.
So I look at my cigarette and my past,
I see this guy that passed.
I can’t just regain this man so easy
but I can build on what I am.
I have damage that may never repair,
I am getting old and losing my youth,
though I am here I am alive and can work.
I could regret it all so easy,
I could hate every piece of pain,
though why sit here trying to change it
I need to just change what I am.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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