Capital Coffee

The 30 minute timer is on. I am trying to break an addiction. In the real world right now people are waking up and eating breakfast getting ready for work. I am naked drinking coffee wishing I never had to work again. The reality is that this heater costs money to run, its ticking timer annoying, money pays for it, money I hardly have.

You look in a mirror at that face, its not such a pleasant experience, you are not perfection. Day to day you consider your life, it is not perfection. It is never going to be perfect is it, only get older and older with all that baggage. Then a thought occurs. You need food. That poses what do you even want to eat. An egg or two? Bacon?

You kind of decided that education is worth the debt. Not for some illustrious career but for your own development. Just to give yourself something worthwhile to achieve. The ego wants to have success, though the soul is happy enough in creation. You could become very capitalist so easily if you had the fear enough, becoming focused primarily on not survival, but a mountainous wealth, which you deserve, for your capitalist works.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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