Jails in Suburbs

In the shit of a whole life, you are fine enough. Temptation to get a bazooka and roam the streets popping off narcissists seems a dream that will never happen. Really what its gonna take is actually hard work, on yourself.

There are three powers, forces, working at you. You gotta stay cool, stick clear of trouble, no one is that tough alone. Some men can’t sleep alone, drink alone, write alone. Some need someone for something always. You don’t need to need anyone really, you are actually able to be alone.

See out there people are working hard, but for who? Dragging boxes around, packing containers, for you. It ain’t even money that you really need, not really. It is a lot more than money, you need a solution. An answer to how to accept your place on earth, your predicament. How you can enjoy reality.

So you may get drunk huh? To ease the pain? To de-stress? Never sober long you’ll miss something. Never alone you’ll miss something too. You can’t face it, just a wall or four. You can’t be happy like that, locked away. That is your weakness, you get nothing done. You need to find yourself, in words.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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