Morning to You

Cool morning, boots on, coffee and smokes after pork. Its not money I want after all, its something to do. Though doing is simple enough, sign on the tax form and get to work. If you had a better idea you might do it, for the betterment of more than your wallet.

You can decide if you are lucky, in a clever way, to decipher exactly what drives. For some a new baby is a challenge. For some like myself a poem.

It is this satisfaction we seek to ease us. The fears that we will miss out. We create our world and then decide if it suits us. For some our world isn’t good enough. The day in day out does little. We don’t want to just add to the mass. We need to discover more than how pages turn, we want to see what happens when we read them.

I see friends that are trapped. Capitalism has worn on them completely. They have no socialist agenda. It is all about money now. They even believe they are worthy, that they found their place, they work hard, and that money is theirs. How can I tell them they forgot about others, they have no cure for anyone else.

So simple people like me, we don’t want much. After needs are met we may just want to create. We want to express, to learn or know. Not just absorb the flow, which isn’t a flow.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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