Desiring Redemption

Removing yourself from the dysfunctions of life is a small step. Where people make up their own versions of morality to accentuate excuses for their ego. Of course in our minds we do no harm. We are always making reasons why our actions are forgivable and then continue to make error after error. How can we be forgiven if we commit crime after crime. Not by God either, but by our victims.

If you want to be at peace with life, do no harm. Without the burden of harm upon others you will be free from the circle of remorse. To be sure you never harm isn’t easy. Your speech itself must be quarantined. You may not be able to yet control your reactions to life. You may still be in a phase where you make excuses for your externalism. Needless to say I can observe that you probably are far from enlightened as am I. So how possibly can you even measure to the Dali Llama in any theory. If you can even observe yourself slightly you would not be proud of yourself. Unfortunately we like to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. We like to put a nice cushion under our heads so we can sleep. Regardless of the damage we do or have done.

It is not that you are forever in the wrong. Forgiveness itself is possible from redemption. Though how can we say we are heroes if we still cause crime. If we still absurd morality to cover up our selfish desires and get what we want from people. We are not heroes at all but rather just excuses for desires. Without confronting desire and challenging it how can we say we are healed. Healed from karma and causing pain. We continue along our path destroying the landscape. We may not be brave enough to analyse it to change it, we remain the perpetrator and consume our prey. We are not holy.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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