Its funny how representation is deluded. De-constructing your methods is not simple. We hold up our achievements like we are the only one that ever did them. We use them against people to rule.

The saturation of ego is predominant in the user. Addicted to desire they prolong actualisation of the soul. The longer it continues the harder it is to ever get to truth. On and on through life the ego grows yet never becomes aware of itself and its processes.

The soul of a human infected by ego may create infatuation. They are proud of themselves to the point of sexualisation. In their eyes no matter what the actual reality they serve a godly purpose. They have risen to a much higher position than they are and will continue to rise until death, never realising their miniscule importance in the scheme of humanity.

Of course this is a failing of all humans. That any of us have any greater importance than a short life. Most of us achieve so little and cannot be blamed for it. It is not that we should feel bad for not being important it is just that we should not declare ourselves heroes for so little. How can I say I am incredible without ever leaving normalcy. It is not that we should feel bad we should just realise our modest lives and try to not boast.

Every day we live like anyone else. We eat and sleep and dress ourselves. Some of us cannot see that others suffer. It is not of any interest to us. We do not see it and we do not think about it. We have our own life and it is the most important. Think to yourself if you have offered anyone something, and did you hold it against them when you did?


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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