Parrot for Carat

If you stay, where the infinity of the ill lay, time in, time out, on and on forgiving them, endlessly, while they drain your blood, you will die. This is no vampire story, they don’t exist, this is normal people, normal ill people, addicts, addicted to what they can’t create, they must take to be satisfied, from you.

These great heroes are not always the morally and metaphysically guided. In certain reality all it takes is a strong ego to become one. For the ego itself is what us Westerners call confidence and strength, though as the East knew many thousands of years ago, it is the minds failing.

I have taken myself away from the deplorables, these wretches, not far from myself, though the other side of a coin, flipped and fallen on the wrong mind, wrong thought, of what it has become. Where I am not perfected in my stance, upon a life, an ideology or two, I can see clearly the slavery the poisons do to them, in addiction, in their ignorance, to what has caused them such harm, and taken them far from right mindedness, not left-right, correctness in thought, and although they will suffer, no matter how I describe it, with force or care, they will continue, and blame the world for their deaths.

I feel as though in my timing, no goodbye shall come. For it is not as if I shall never return, it is just I wish not to. This too should be for life, planet earth itself. Though some concrete evidence in sight may elude, that a hero must come back to Earth once more, for shoes need feet to exist.

You could remain isolated and be fine though I suggest that it could kill you slowly without a good practice. The glow you seek will only come at a point where you are physically healthy. All those other drunken glows cease at sleep, absorbed. The true glow of a man or woman is endless, if preserved with health and thoughts.

To have incredible flow, to have powerful mind, takes a slight reaction to observations. To adjust to silence is worthy.

No self help book needed if you took a clue. Only conservation and creation. Inward realisations with study. You need no book if contained in knowing yourself. Though the works of masters alone could never escape an eye. If you can read a word you can write it. Though can the parrots create a flow that grows?


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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