The Western Investments

Reality is not pleasant if your country has not signed the United Nations Declaration. Lucky me. I am Australian. I am that white rich consumer bestowed with the floral scent of a designed perfume. But I’m not. Neither are most people really in any country. The fact you even have an chance to study at a university means you are rich. Take that into consideration.

I don’t hate rich people. I don’t hate anyone. It is just the realisation of the disadvantages of the majority that concerns me. The fact people even have the platform to promote bisexuality as a minority takes away completely from the majority who don’t even have food. While people protest abortion children are starving to death. Get with the reality here world. These minute problems are as important as finding my sock. They are vacuous in thought and irrelevant like you when you retire, after all capitalism produces your culture and superannuation plan.

While you sit back after being an integral part of consumerism for 50 years and giving your life and sweat to making a million bucks and a house you should probably realise how few people you really helped. The majority of the population is still suffering while your company is doing quite well with its investments. Your self designed metal framed monster of a house where you hide your Ferrari and horses which are bred to be show jumpers is a luxury that most cannot even fathom. You are not living in reality even with any suffering thrown upon you. Though really the selfishness continues to the poor, the drug dealer, the rapist or murderer no matter how poor is not exempt from the judgment of morals and law.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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