Non Placed Again

In gold, is some method. If you raise yourself in health, fitness, mind, heading towards that goal, you’ll maybe get it. The rabbit is white. The hole is a hole. The smoke kills.

This is no place, a non place.

You ask, what is it I offer? Most want to take. You want to elude a factor, a reaction to entrapment. A seized moment.

And sure, trouble curves, like a corner. Ending badly is any delusion. The mad woman enters and a flood starts. A fight. Against clocks, time, moments, a darkness of desire.

You cannot just skip ahead. It is a stage, stages, on stage, staged. You skip a little, you’ll lose sight of the floor. Feet must be on floor to walk, to run, human cannot fly, arms carry not flap, no breeze can lift you up and up to the moon, only jet fuel.

There are sensitivities. If you know, notice, feel. The curses of them. You gave in, you wish not, you drugged, you crave, holding your dick like a feather you flew, fallen you’ll cry again.

Here is no where, a non where, only few.



Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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