Contacts or a Gun

Hidden away, all I want is to stay away from the trash. There is only so much ego I can handle. With their trucks and guns and incomes they proudly tell you, can you wonder if anything else matters? They even say they know love on a designer shirt. They know love but can’t even show it to anyone else. It is a pure form of capitalism. It is a world of comparisons and bragging. It is pure ego. Capitalism has won.

And here I am a reject. Thrown down to the gutter by chance. I stood up and screamed and they pushed me down further, waiting for me to drown. I still kick and scream till this day with no real point to it. No one is listening. They have beaten me but have already lost by doing so. At least I screamed. At least I had the power to do that.

In reality its simple. Stay away, far away from most people. It is not that everyone will kill you, they might just crush you a bit. If you don’t become sociopathic you better get muscles, you better have contacts. If you are small like a thought locked away you have no chances. No one will save you.



Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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