God will send you to Jail

Pushing on me the born again mentality on one side and the Pastor turned drug and sex addict on the other, how can I compete with the complexity of everyone believing in God yet unable to prove it. My relationship with God is simple. I sometimes talk to myself. I talk out loud. Not often. I talk to my idea of God as if he or she or it it listening. I might say, “I have never done anything to anyone God, why do I have bad things happen?”, then a thought pops in my head of something bad I did.

It as if God is hard on us. Not as forgiving as you think really. Would you want God to be so forgiving? I doubt if God doesn’t exist that having a bible matters now in 2017. It doesn’t really matter at all. People certainly aren’t thinking of the bible when they watch Prince in a bare chested jump suit prance around with an electric guitar on Youtube.

Its all fake this love for God. People have stolen the word and use it one second and do the complete opposite of morality the next. God has no meaning. Maybe God never has. Apparently Catholicism is still the biggest religion, hard to believe. It is more possible that the police have more say than God. For who else will lock you up for crime, not hell, jail, enjoy the bible in jail I guess for something to read.



Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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