Come from sleep at dawn after dreams twisted with nakedness and snakes, I drink and smoke and watch my shadows. The collecting of shadows is not pleasant and is done from the danger of your own. These days stable like some stable I conclude the heater is my health and rooms are full of things that make space smaller in rooms. You can complain about boredom easily, though even a stretch of panic serves no fuel for life. The joining of word after word is mere accident and just problems the public with ideas they really would never conceive.

In University could be anything at all, you cannot bend it. The closed rooms keeping faces locked in troubles. Why learn anything at all if you can teach so easily the situation. I suggest you just relax there and enjoy your years. Why bother with invitations and the hoards. Why give in to pretty faces bumping up. You know you are a creature of the lone. So if you must be surrounded make it wise.

Now you know you must get off here. There is procedure of the private to conclude. Yes get it gathered and start a system to make it grow. Just use this as a spark for fruits. You have these years to get a joining. Think about alternatives than pushing. Sure, get out and about if it really helps you. Even moving from a seat can help. You can design a life where everything works. It takes work and dedication to a score. So before you write more just think, what colour is my core.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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