Social Seductions

Head buzzing, woken, you stretch the seconds out like the following of moment, though you aren’t in the moment are you? Now, so hard to find, with Yesterday and Tomorrow on your mind. So breaking away from something may take a big shove. You don’t actually need what it gives. If you had common sense like you know you should you’d make a decision and get off that fence.

Being alone is not so easy. Some have never had to know it. Always phoning someone up to hear the voices of validation. Good boy, good boy, you did so well, you put your pants on the right way around. These grown men are still the child that needs a lolly to make him smile.

So you hurt yourself just wanting, broke a cup or stained your shirt. You need to realise the lesson that each movement is a burden. Some have and will forever walk the wrong way into life. I walked straight out of trouble and backed up to a knife.

The young girls have no sense at all and older it doesn’t always change. They choose the guy who brags the most , who tells them he succeeds. The boys are all the same in 1996. Even now there are no men who have whittled away the chalks. Their statement is just self desire, I am not free myself, though I don’t have to chase the groups to be a glowing wreath.

Socialising is always the same for the cotton mouths. They think they found an answer for their feet. The truth is always sinister when you find the echo. Though it seems the perpetrators rise to disbelief. The Rock Star Artist fucks every girl in Art Class every week. Everyone turns a blind eye to his narcissistic streak.

You see the weak like me and you can’t just kill the doer’s of sin. This is not a crusade where we are hunting for truth from them. We all sit back and watch and hear how everyone was done wrong. The friends all tell each other nothing bad was done. It is always the same and yes, they will be the one sipping wine. They will be the one that glows with the womans smile. Though I believe that everything is measured. I am more worried for my own attachment more than theirs.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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