You and Me will just Be

In the bottom of the river near a bridge is something dropped. I walked down there for you in concrete boots in my sleep. This world is a cave for men. You and me are mice, kind mice. So we need locks and bars and doors to keep the wind out, unlike so many lives where someone got in. It was never your fault you must realise how it was never your fault. You were not the chosen sin.

Here in 2017 is a time where more have fallen to the dark mind. Whether fueled by the trash or by glow they all fell to gang. Even soon more tragedy happens. Be glad for the bed and chair and breath. For afraid is easy and not unjust, any street can be the last, any breath. There is no point in living like a fear in a cage unless its all you can do.

For me and you it is easy. We have troubles simple and light. In this world we have it is all just money that causes our fight. Well sure you could be raped or murdered. Blown apart by bombs. The whole world is armed and dysfunctional enough to rip itself apart. Though think, you read this. If you were her what would you say.You don’t want to lie that its all easy, just want a bit of pain to go away.

And dreams are useless things. Reality is where you live. Just give yourself some lesson from a vision. Don’t work yourself up till wound tight. Your voice is a guide and thoughts form. Be gentle with you. See you as you. You and me we are just people. Small people. We do not need much to be free. Just give yourself a little time to be the person you want to one day be.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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