Morality is Wrong?

In the half of hour I feel heartfelt like I am off to jail for speaking my mind. Who would think you could fear being right about what people are like. Everyone wants to love just by saying the word but cannot express it in deed. Love isn’t just about accepting any crime, love isn’t about unconditional respect it is about understanding that sometimes people need to be told they are damaging themselves. People turn a blind eye and start to be immoral if their group all does the same. To be the one that stands up in that group and says no more may not be you. Would you just reject all your friends even if it meant you had no one? Or would you call them like I did just to hear them say more things that disrespect you again. If you want to keep friends just never criticise them I guess. If you want people to like you just tell them they are right. Though do you want to be that guy or girl just going along for the ride? Would you paint a canvas black if everyone else did? Or would you paint a star in yellow on a red back ground and take it home. They will see you are different.

See you can just agree that morals are constructs if it means you won’t have to face up to a moral. You can just do a crime and then say hey that shouldn’t even be illegal anyway. You can of course decide what you deem to be right or wrong and maybe you can see that people are wrong around you. It is of course a battle of power of who decides what is wrong. Some say smoking a cigarette is wrong, some say casual sex, some say swearing is wrong. If you think smoking is wrong you wont smoke, if you think sex is wrong you wont have sex, if you think swearing is wrong you wont swear. If you don’t think these things are wrong you might do them.

But it is this very duality that is wrong and you can see why. It is not that smoking is wrong, it isn’t, it’s not wrong, but it is unhealthy, expensive and addictive and I know for sure I want to quit. Is sex wrong? No it isn’t wrong, though it can be damaging and addictive and a controlling force than gets you into trouble. It can also be wonderful, sexy, loving and passionate. It isn’t wrong or right that is a false duality. Though what are its qualities?

When looking at life it isn’t really about right and wrong it is more about what harms and what doesn’t. What is helpful and what isn’t. What is enjoyable and what isn’t. Sometimes there is both. Sometimes maybe none. Sometimes we don’t know or haven’t thought about it much. Some people think the only way they can relax is with a beer. Some think relying on beer to relax is a weakness of mind. Some say the only reason you need a beer to relax is because you are so used to having beer to help you relax. Some say I don’t drink beer to relax I drink to cope with my mental problems. Some say beer is causing you the mental problems you are trying to solve. Some say I already had mental problems before i drank beer. Some say but they aren’t solved and when you don’t have beer thats obvious. And so on and so on. Though instead of saying right and wrong we are discussing it. Thats a better step.

Though we are still arguing aren’t we. I want to drink my beer and you keep telling me not to. CRUNCH. It is much nicer when we have people to drink a beer with! Or if we don’t like beer someone to maybe drink a tea with. So how do you avoid fights? Just mind your own business? Just let people do what they want? Well why have police? Why have an unhappy marriage? Just leave her? Just leave him? Maybe. Lock them up with no beer?

The idea of having a wrong and right, or morals was just so people could stop harming each other in its purest form. The main idea of a moral was to avoid conflict and pain. I maybe don’t really care if you drink a beer but maybe I care that you say fucked shit to me when drunk. Maybe I care when my wife throws a cup at my head. Maybe I care when I am arrested for drunken behaviour. Maybe I care when 100 drunk people rock up at my house to party uninvited.

So what will you do? You gonna have sex with 100 people? or less? Have 100 beers? or less? Have 100 cars? Have 100 houses? Rob 100 banks? Hack 100 computers? Kill 100 people? I mean why have morals? Why even bother if you really just wanna do what you wanna do? And people do… And then we all look at the world and people around us and go hmm, there sure is a lot of bad stuff happening and a lot of people are suffering man. Why is that?


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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