People are pretty Imperfect

It is funny how life shits on you. While the sociopaths continue their duties you just have to put a band aid on and stop bleeding. It is amazing how long they can fool each other into thinking they are producing worth. The battle of the capitalists floods on, each propping themselves on financial gain rather than any real objectives. You can see the social aspects of greed wherever you go. Like the whores they are (men included) they go from genitals to genitals and you wonder why they never are alone. I myself get taunted with being alone like I am the weak one. They have no understanding of how a life can turn bad. If having friends means putting up with ideologies from a beer bottle then you can keep your friends. I am not even lonely anymore I am happy to be far away from people. I cannot think of one person who I even have met I would want to spend more than thirty minutes with. You say to me “people are imperfect”. That is the truth, be compassionate? It is hard to be compassionate to someone that gets your dead ex girl friend a degree after she passes and then preceded to use an embarrassing story about her when telling every single person they met about her achievement. It is hard to be compassionate to someone who drinks alcohol non stop who has diabetes and gout. It is hard to be compassionate to someone who tries to date every single girl in a chatroom and get their naked pictures and cam them naked. It is very hard to feel compassionate to people who are so biased they allow people to insult you and then start conversations with that person about a movie a few minutes later. These are just minor imperfections from minor people and it only gets worse when the people actually have power. It is not that I expect anyone can be perfect, just why are people THIS FUCKED UP.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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