To Write or Not to Write

Cleaning is almost fun. Nah, it is fun! Some days… But cleaning up your act another. Imagine getting a broom and brushing the floor of your brain. Imagine polishing your consciousness a bit so its shiny. Like housework it needs to be done regularly. You gotta keep on top of it. I think one way is to write.

You may not wanna publish your work, you may not want to write a novel but writing a journal or diary is a good way to see the way you think and reflect.

The luxury of having time to write is a big bonus. The energy another. But like exercise of the body you just need to do a half hour now and then to get a bit of good movement. I would encourage anyone to write no matter how new they are to it and explore their thoughts. Like now I am exploring my thoughts on writing.

So what would you even write about? Just write about yourself. Write about thoughts and feeling and ideas and what happens and what you wish happens and why stop there, write about anything you can think of.

You see these great books and you wonder how that person wrote that book. They sat down and wrote it word by word. Thats one thing that occurred to me once. To be a writer you need to at least write, right?


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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