Wordings of Then

Whirring keeps the whirring where heat comes to
in adjustment of halo when you know you were fooled and fool.
Love affairs and jingle bells then rounding off years
have found feet in hollow aloneness for all mammals.
You hear a clunk and a yell and all is well
besides that imaginary guy jumping fences, how did you know?
Don’t try to assess the damage if it curls like weapons
ready to just confuse you without a glass.
So you could die and could have died and will die
and not too many will probably cry you think?
You can dream and drink or starve or whatever you want.
You know you need that someone but who and where and when.
Getting out and about will just make you another of them.
You could wrap your head around a book if that suits a verse
or even drive to a place where alone you’ll nurse.
Some said they caress you when you tried though we all lie
and tell each other we are fine, we are fine.
The addicts, sex, drugs, something, they roll together
pretending they support a single letter.
You laugh for good reason as you know well the trouble
they will one day face, the poor girls.
The abused were abused and are just lost in time
where the shadows caused them to new crime.
You were done in double time for the thoughts of others.
Some clap their hands in joy at some minor win
and pretend to themselves they beat the system.
There is no solution to a problem like the living dream
of owning something that you can die within.
You could be fine or not at points arranged
or caved in under the snow of thousands of years.
Your tears are wonders of innocence though
whores cry too when taken from their shoes.
You haven’t even got the touch of luck
though writing seams is true and pure.
You raise a glass but don’t need more
which I can tell you is unusual for the bored.
So relax and do your duty lover
to the literary cover of a poem done.
You are finished from the panic
of the dead head wanting death to self.
Your health is pointed at a seeking
if you choose to below to its silence.
Sitting pretty or maybe not as much
you can even gain that golden touch you know you deserve.
A word is just a word content in telling you what is next.
Sex will not satisfy you even if a call was made.
Behave in social circles and if I were you just stay at home.
The growing problem isn’t you its the dog chasing bone.
You ain’t got the time to challenge them for crime.
You want a book or something to remind.
Give a chance to romance of a different kind,
the forgotten patience of a man that never signs.
You got the arms and legs of any sage.
Though thoughts of more than self must be made.
We talk to you and you listen but always far too late.
You have probably got a chance to compensate.
Just each day just take a step like you say.
In trouble of alone there is only one good way
to know how to deal with each solitary day
and that is health of your grey.
This thing you doing is nothing and now you know.
To really think takes a longer time to know it is so.
Some can write a mountain in a minute
and even make sense and go within it.
You are stuck on outside looking in.
You wanna be the best of sort you got to read.
Just a page or two to juice the need for more.
Every writer has a hundred books to awe.
You have one you haven’t read yet.
So now you know the rule for how we pay.
You have to have more than just dice to play.
Get in a spot where you can fresh a word.
Its time for you to listen not be heard.



Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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