One Step

I come back again to this.
When everyone turns
you realise that those
who perpetrate can win.
They can fool the world
with enough words
to even rise to government
and control the planet.
Here I am just small.
One voice in a big mess.
The only thing I can do
is walk away.
There is nothing for me
to keep staying to fight.
I can hear the stories
how people were hurt
over and over
and watch as it happens
again and again.
I try to stand up against it
and I try to make people realise
that the people they admire
are the ones that hurt
the innocent ones.
So I just have to walk away.
I have fought for too long
and yes I have failed.
In my hope there is a solution
where I can be free
if I just stay away.
If I can’t help them
I would rather not know.
I don’t even want to hear
that they got away
with it all over again.
Let me just find peace
in being alone.
Let me just hope
that something changes.
Let me hope that one day
they are stopped.
I just need my peace now
away from my wars.
I need to just be at ease.
It all echoes around my head,
the fact that people do
so much wrong.
I look at my life
and I don’t have much.
I have a chance to have peace.
I can have my freedom.
I just have to walk away.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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