Closing the tunnel visions is no easy maneuver
when you hear a doctor say “they”.
You might consider yourself lucky to even be alive.
I mean you can die now or later, tomorrow or next week.
You could crash your car or be kidnapped,
in the worst vision of how, it could be anyhow.
Though probably if you don’t get healthy
you will just die of some disease.
Lose your teeth and maybe end up alone
in some ward somewhere till deceased.
In fear you could panic and start a cash cow,
working for stable home and love as well.
Just choose someone, anyone, to fill you up.
Good boy, good boy, you work so hard.
Then you read a sentence, Adorno,
and you see that socialistic ideal.
You look at desire from fear as a wheel
like a BMW passing in a rich mans watch
making time for a ring on his finger.
“Anyone can be a millionaire”, says a man.
Then why so few can say they are?
You buy your protein shake and there he is,
building his mansion from your weight.
You look at your cigarette and its sad,
that you even need to have such smells.
Your shoes are made in China and so are your shirts,
nothing escapes the growth in the attachments.
So what can you do but fight yourself
to not insult like a child or desire anything more.
Less is blessed like Rumi said in a moment
where object falls from need,
placed aside and poverty becomes your medallion.


Author: leeethomas

Visual Artist, musician and writer from Australia. Interested in Love and the Mind.

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