A foul image haunting,
the torture of the held.
You cannot adjust to hell
if it is this truth of man.
The factor of my life
is just normal desire.
Just wanting a lover
or substance to calm me.
I need no disturbance
to excite me.
I need no darkness
no power me.
Give me glows
of the good hearts.
Let the pain just fade
and may I be free.

The Minds of Strings

The strangeness of conscious
is connection. The real thing
is hard to believe. These bits
of pain. Came like a gunshot
to heads. And tails between
legs we run. To the breach
of morals. That reminder
taken. Away and away
we go. Into the darkness
is ego. The wrong choices.

Pie Lovers

Thinner, my hair, my chin,
I am the winner of sorrow,
how much can I fit in.
I listened to Pavement
in my morning sin
and now my girl
I want you to begin.
So what if I am single
its not a real crime,
like raping your hand
was just killing time.
The nuns were done
in the early ways
and now my pants
have stains for days.
In circles my circles
are under my eyes
and you opened up
and even opened your thighs.
We climb to the top
of a mountain of lies
and to no ones surprise
we are dropped like pies.

Contacts or a Gun

Hidden away, all I want is to stay away from the trash. There is only so much ego I can handle. With their trucks and guns and incomes they proudly tell you, can you wonder if anything else matters? They even say they know love on a designer shirt. They know love but can’t even show it to anyone else. It is a pure form of capitalism. It is a world of comparisons and bragging. It is pure ego. Capitalism has won.

And here I am a reject. Thrown down to the gutter by chance. I stood up and screamed and they pushed me down further, waiting for me to drown. I still kick and scream till this day with no real point to it. No one is listening. They have beaten me but have already lost by doing so. At least I screamed. At least I had the power to do that.

In reality its simple. Stay away, far away from most people. It is not that everyone will kill you, they might just crush you a bit. If you don’t become sociopathic you better get muscles, you better have contacts. If you are small like a thought locked away you have no chances. No one will save you.