Meditative Aches

The reality is a parcel left on your door step. Not quite what you expected when you opened your door. Surprise! For good or bad it is never quite planned. Illness comes and lovers die, insanity and pain. Though there is escape if you try, though do you have the strength to sit on a cushion and pray? The silence of meditation is the only substitute for pains. It isn’t easy to do nothing, just concentrating on the breath. Your ego starts getting agitated, wants to get up, do something, find satisfaction. If only you could tell yourself how good you’ll feel after an hour, when your ego calms and you can be ok with just being alone.

How didn’t I become Enlightened Mom?

It is not as if I am a great master, endowed with secrets of mind and world. Though at some point I realised a basic method which could create the enlightenment.

For in reason it is completely simple, though near impossible to achieve without much effort. The longer you head in a wrong direction the longer it takes to get back.

All in simplicity you could discover that will hold you back from knowing enlightenment is a part of yourself hidden from the eye. The EGO!

For if you can reduce the ego to nothing, to extinguish it completely you will have achieved enlightenment. Without ever reading a book, without ever even contemplating theory in the slightest, you can become enlightened if you can just remove this ego in entirety from your mind.

This is no easy matter as every thought has the possibility of making your ego grow. Any negative thought from intentions of the ego no matter how disguised, if not confronted, will allow the ego free reign to control further your true mind.

The only way possible to stop the growth of ego is a meditative practice. I believe that the actual reason why meditation has been discovered as a practice was a lack of ego in the first place, or rather a confrontation of it resulting in defeat, where the mind stopped gasping and wanting, to have, to own, to fight, to desire, and slowed down, breathed and decided to know itself once more.