Changes for us Stupid People

You can only handle so much ignorance at one time. Like a diabetic that is an alcoholic or a skitzophrenic smoking weed. Philosophers say that what angers you in others you refuse to condemn in your own darkness. It is true yes but sometimes you want to yell and slap people to help them because they are so stupid.

It is not that I am not stupid, I am. I do things that are very stupid, I always have. So how do I stop myself being stupid?

It occured to me once that there are influences. Metaphysically. Spiritually. You can’t just pass this off as your excuse for everything you do but it is an actual force that hinders you, and not just you, everyone.

The evilest things a person does are actions usually, like torture. A human who is not damaged mentally in a severe way would probably not be able to do it to someone. It is this realisation that a normal, functional human usually does not cause horrible attacks upon other people. So why do people?

It is actually completely simple. It is purely the ego. You can think of the ego like a dark force. After a child grows up influenced in a certain way he or she will have certain attributes. If a child is influenced terribly they could become terrible. I am not just talking about their parents or friends either. I am talking spiritually.

I do not consider myself to be religious at all and have a very basic understanding of religion. Though I have experienced darkness and light through my life. It seems to me that by drug abuse or alcohol you are really risking being influenced in a more spiritual way. These substances work on the ego in a negative way generally and allow the ego to gain better control over the mind.

When a person loses control over their ego completely they can do horendous things to others. How funny how a lot of criminals have drug problems. It is no coincidence. I am not saying that every person that takes drugs is going to torture someone but I can really understand how drugs have effected my ego personally. I have a lot more darkness in my life because of them and trauma.

If I had not taken drugs so early in my life things may have been very different for me. I was a very smart child who could learn very very fast. Top of my class. This all went down hill when I took drugs.

So here we have all these young people today on really strong drugs. Weed is stronger than ever (and laced), you have a meth problem, alcohol is out of control, extacy, acid, all the kids are into it, and older ones too. Porn is huge as well and morals are flying out the window, capitalism is winning and people are going for money over values. It does not look good at all. It is not that my generation are much better but the younger generations are even worse. It is a real wonder whats going to happen next when it comes to finding new leaders in society. Who is going to take those positions? Who will be the managers, who will be the CEO’s, the rock stars, the actors, who are these people and what will their values be? Will they be worse than ever, separated from religion completely and the morals it should use to protect us, spirituality free souls with no concept of value of compassion, fueled by greed and money and sex? Is that what is happening? Not to everyone but a lot. This is a crisis. A lot of people are getting hurt. Capitalism is winning. The rich ARE getting richer. There is going to be a civil war. Look at London, Look at France, Germany. It is happening. Two cultures combining in anger. Violence every week. The rich and the poor in danger. It is not safe anymore anywhere, not really. I worry about Earth. It needs some big changes and fast.

Perfection of a Cry

I dunno, noise and action, products of duality, the like and likeness to left and right, good and bad. Why is it a fight between Devil and God when man himself produces.

So breathing here as always, I come to conclusions I am weak, through seeking desires of ego, I failed myself. These reaches like a hand grasping out, wanting satisfaction, from these, items, these visuals, noises, the consumer is me, the ego the buyer, the needs out there in produce.

Should I strip myself of all medals, objects removed, claiming solid needs of solid things? Would it be enough to remind me, the fools continue on ahead, at parties laughing and joyous over bread.

I choke and wheeze at knowing, a slight trap, a non gold, a non light. I am killing my mind slow, trapping myself in diction, classified as cultures that created these object I am.

The Western Investments

Reality is not pleasant if your country has not signed the United Nations Declaration. Lucky me. I am Australian. I am that white rich consumer bestowed with the floral scent of a designed perfume. But I’m not. Neither are most people really in any country. The fact you even have an chance to study at a university means you are rich. Take that into consideration.

I don’t hate rich people. I don’t hate anyone. It is just the realisation of the disadvantages of the majority that concerns me. The fact people even have the platform to promote bisexuality as a minority takes away completely from the majority who don’t even have food. While people protest abortion children are starving to death. Get with the reality here world. These minute problems are as important as finding my sock. They are vacuous in thought and irrelevant like you when you retire, after all capitalism produces your culture and superannuation plan.

While you sit back after being an integral part of consumerism for 50 years and giving your life and sweat to making a million bucks and a house you should probably realise how few people you really helped. The majority of the population is still suffering while your company is doing quite well with its investments. Your self designed metal framed monster of a house where you hide your Ferrari and horses which are bred to be show jumpers is a luxury that most cannot even fathom. You are not living in reality even with any suffering thrown upon you. Though really the selfishness continues to the poor, the drug dealer, the rapist or murderer no matter how poor is not exempt from the judgment of morals and law.

Suffer in Capitalism?

Seems to me I could even fall into the trap of becoming that guy. Instead of actually doing what I want to do with my life I could take the advice of the average man, give in to the fear of money and try to find a career that will ensure it. I hear the capitalists complain about peace making the world stagnant. There has never been peace for a start and I think anyone that has suffered in any real way would completely disagree that we need drama and war to keep busy. If you are bored with life so much that you need to watch a TV Drama for a little entertainment then surely you need to think about what you are actually doing with your time.

Thing is I am angry. I am angry with my culture. The other day I walked past two businessmen who were laughing and slapping each other making comments about a Mercedes. They probably think giving $1000 dollars to a charity was their good deed for the day. Fact is they are so removed from reality in their designer shoes and watches that they probably need a leg blown off by a mine on a tourist visit to snap them back to what people really have to deal with. There are tremendous sufferings in this world that you can’t see by looking out your window, although I did the other day, a young man in tears and frustration trying to ring someone on a pay phone, suffering greatly.


Morning to You

Cool morning, boots on, coffee and smokes after pork. Its not money I want after all, its something to do. Though doing is simple enough, sign on the tax form and get to work. If you had a better idea you might do it, for the betterment of more than your wallet.

You can decide if you are lucky, in a clever way, to decipher exactly what drives. For some a new baby is a challenge. For some like myself a poem.

It is this satisfaction we seek to ease us. The fears that we will miss out. We create our world and then decide if it suits us. For some our world isn’t good enough. The day in day out does little. We don’t want to just add to the mass. We need to discover more than how pages turn, we want to see what happens when we read them.

I see friends that are trapped. Capitalism has worn on them completely. They have no socialist agenda. It is all about money now. They even believe they are worthy, that they found their place, they work hard, and that money is theirs. How can I tell them they forgot about others, they have no cure for anyone else.

So simple people like me, we don’t want much. After needs are met we may just want to create. We want to express, to learn or know. Not just absorb the flow, which isn’t a flow.

In The Capital

It gets obvious now, in this sleuthness, the judgment is not always on the crime. The corruption isn’t just like Brazil’s politicians, its in the ideologies of the every day man. They happily push you down even if you are dying in the gutter. Foot on your head they give you a pep talk. Get up out of the gutter and work, and they push you in with a pole.

I think to myself how lucky I am, that I can escape them for now. To sit here and write this is freedom. They have nothing I want, nothing they can share, if I never saw them again I would not care.

So few people have any real compassion. They can barely understand anyone else. They even see it on television as they munch popcorn and drift off to sleep. I have suffered enough to feel for people I see at the supermarket. That ugly young girl who no boy wants to kiss. I can feel her sorrow, see it in her eyes, she is there with her mother buying chips, she has it tough.

The weakness of man is a carrot. Dangling ahead he does anything to get it, in capitalistic bliss. He has a dream about a boat so he can go fishing and drink beer, all his hard work will be worth it one day.

Not me though.

Capital Coffee

The 30 minute timer is on. I am trying to break an addiction. In the real world right now people are waking up and eating breakfast getting ready for work. I am naked drinking coffee wishing I never had to work again. The reality is that this heater costs money to run, its ticking timer annoying, money pays for it, money I hardly have.

You look in a mirror at that face, its not such a pleasant experience, you are not perfection. Day to day you consider your life, it is not perfection. It is never going to be perfect is it, only get older and older with all that baggage. Then a thought occurs. You need food. That poses what do you even want to eat. An egg or two? Bacon?

You kind of decided that education is worth the debt. Not for some illustrious career but for your own development. Just to give yourself something worthwhile to achieve. The ego wants to have success, though the soul is happy enough in creation. You could become very capitalist so easily if you had the fear enough, becoming focused primarily on not survival, but a mountainous wealth, which you deserve, for your capitalist works.