Betting on a Coffin

Nudity comes and goes
like a wish or a curse,
though backless gowns are worse.

Deeper still are windings
that create a thirst
for the very worst smile.

Laugh all you want you mice
as I cheese my way to death
because you will die too.

The moon decides the cases
where the insane shoe
some horse for the battle of the coins.

More and More

Need to reassess stability
after jogging and heights.
What you want now, tell me,
enjoy this life.

In systems where  a coin is yours
for being a labour on a hill,
you can decide to hide
and keep your sanity.

Nearly there she said to me
when coming for a sew.
Now I can make an easel
out of nothing more.


What it is

I drove 200km and remembered the way down a gravel track
to a house where I recorded my thoughts and drove back
against my friends wishes.

I am unsure exactly if what I know is what I know
when it comes to three women I think of.

I have this urge to understand what it is I am in,
some trapped version of a life
where I seem free but am not,
wanting more and more to find something
that makes me understand what is.


Liver my lover

It works.
Like my legs did and didn’t at certain times.
Computers think unlike a brain,
no emotions.

Getting older reminds me of a book called “Despair”.
You must face the fact you will die.

Knowing this I hear of elderly with livers packing up at 65.
50 year olds have heart attacks and cancers.

Even younger you can die and I almost did.

So I look at my life a little more sensibly.
I ate pumpkin soup and thats a good start.
I jogged just under 1km, not so bad.
Skateboarders skated and even a girl.

SO now I do know I need to shake off the lazy.
IMPossible would agree with me.

For future is not a sleep but an awake.
Meditation would be easier if you had a quiet spot.