Number One

Bad Street art showing a promotion of the Devil and all I can think is how I just need to hide out forever. Adoring fans of evil probably get what they want somehow. I personally just wanna snuggle up and dream. I have no drive to be famous or rich and well known and no longer even care about helping the billions of people suffering. Its not that I don’t care that people suffer I have just realised one thing. I can’t even solve my own suffering yet, I think that has got to be number one.


Sensing someones pain
through time and space
that she “Is not well”,
can break us in part
from our daily ignorance
where we are fine.

The laying sufferer
is as if are us.
Laying and crying
wishing to ease
their pain.

If you ever suffer
do not forget
that somewhere
out there in world
is someone like you,
a child with fear.

Suffer in Capitalism?

Seems to me I could even fall into the trap of becoming that guy. Instead of actually doing what I want to do with my life I could take the advice of the average man, give in to the fear of money and try to find a career that will ensure it. I hear the capitalists complain about peace making the world stagnant. There has never been peace for a start and I think anyone that has suffered in any real way would completely disagree that we need drama and war to keep busy. If you are bored with life so much that you need to watch a TV Drama for a little entertainment then surely you need to think about what you are actually doing with your time.

Thing is I am angry. I am angry with my culture. The other day I walked past two businessmen who were laughing and slapping each other making comments about a Mercedes. They probably think giving $1000 dollars to a charity was their good deed for the day. Fact is they are so removed from reality in their designer shoes and watches that they probably need a leg blown off by a mine on a tourist visit to snap them back to what people really have to deal with. There are tremendous sufferings in this world that you can’t see by looking out your window, although I did the other day, a young man in tears and frustration trying to ring someone on a pay phone, suffering greatly.